Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream.

I’m Tawny, I am 17 born on September 21st. I currently live in Arizona, I have a few friends that I absolutely call my BEST friends and I love them to death. I love taking pictures with my Cannon and going to raves and concerts. The beach is my favorite place to be. I believe imperfections are beautiful.I am easy to talk to and easy to get along with so just talk to me. Shoot me an ask! I've been told I give good advice, so ask me anything! don't be afraid!


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did anyone else do that thing when they were in elementary where you write T H I S on your knuckles and a stick figure on one palm and a scribble on the other and you go “this is bob bob says hi this is bob when the car comes by” thing. that was messed up.

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